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Healthy Meal Prep 2024

Healthy Meal Prep 2024


Participants are encouraged to not consume any items on the list below on Tuesday and Thursday for the

twelve-week period of the Let’s Move TCI programme.


Foods That Slow Recovery and Increase Body Fat!!


  1. Kids Cereals

  2. Donuts

  3. Soda

  4. French Fries

  5. White Bread

  6. White Rice

  7. Candy

  8. Icecream

  9. Cookies/Cake

  10. Hash Browns

  11. Croissants

  12. Sugary Coffee Drinks

  13. Energy drinks

  14. Chips – Doritos etc.

  15. Pot Pies

  16. Ramen Noodles

  17. Fried Meats

  18. Crispy Chicken

  19. Salami / Pepperoni

  20. Hot Dogs

  21. Bloomin Onions

  22. Nachos

  23. Crispy Chicken Sandwich

  24. Margarine

  25. Gravy

  26. Caeser Dressing

  27. Ranch Dressing

  28. Alcohol

  29. Mayonnaise

  30. Cheddar Cheese





Participants are encouraged to incorporate as many of the items listed below in their daily diet during the twelve weeks of the Let’s Move TCI programme.


Here is a list of foods widely considered to be “Superfoods” for their health benefits. While there are other healthy foods not on this list, the below are the best of the best with high nutritional value. These powerful foods are loaded with nutrients that are crucial to your health, energy and recovery.


  1. Black Beans

  2. Blueberries

  3. Broccoli

  4. Garlic

  5. Oatmeal

  6. Spinach

  7. Sweet Potatoes

  8. Tomatoes

  9. Almonds

  10. Avocado

  11. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  12. Low-sugar yogurt

  13. One egg per day

  14. Unsweetened Green Tea

  15. Walnuts

  16. Wild Salmon


If you can include a variety of these in your diet, you will feel the difference!

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