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To address the sedentary lifestyle of the Turks and Caicos Islands community members, that contributes to obesity and lifestyle related diseases.


To increase Turks and Caicos Islands residents’ engagement in sport and physical activity and to promote holistic healthy living alongside proper nutrition.


  • Increase physical activity among residents

  • Motivate and encourage residents to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle habits.

  • Offer various activities with achievable goals

  • Provide incentives for registering commitment



  • The physical fitness program will allow residents to participate in a variety of appropriate physical activities.

  • The physical fitness program will develop and reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviors.

  • The physical fitness program will educate residents on establishing lifelong fitness goals.

  • The physical fitness program will educate residents on health benefits of physical fitness.

  • Reduce risk of chronic disease among residents

  • Evaluate the success of the purpose and mission of program

Background & Justification

The COVID-19 virus continues to threaten the health and safety of our nation. Those with underlying conditions are especially at risk for experiencing complications if they contract the virus. Many underlying conditions are linked to obesity and compromised immunity which can also be linked to sedentary lifestyle.

It is theorized that physical activity combined with proper nutrition could help to boost immunity which could reduce complications among those who have contracted COVID-19. Furthermore, physical activity contributes to OVERALL WELLNESS which includes ease of muscle strain, relief of mental tension, improved blood circulation, improvement of muscle activity and creating some routine to your day.

Therefore, when observing the ongoing pandemic and the lifestyle habits of our citizens, it is even more


important for all people to frequently take part in physical activity. Also considering that a large portion of the population have reduced their hours of work as well as many are fully working from home, promoting physical activity is paramount to ensuring that residents do not fall into sedentary practices. Let’s Move TCI seeks to provide resources, motivation and support to aid residents in making physical activity a part of their day to day activities, thereby adapting movement as a crucial part of their daily régime.

Target Audience

Ultimately: The Entire Population

Realistically: Age 15-24, 25-54, 55-64 years (77.51% of population – 41,108)

Target Goal % of participation - Minimum 2.43% of 15-24, 25-54 & 55-64 years

Target Goal # of participants- Minimum 1,000 residents

Bearing in mind the limitations of the last age group; the elderly, due to age and or illness, they are not a target audience for this campaign. We have chosen our target group based on ability to participate, access to resources to be able to participate, i.e. electronic devices, transportation and income as well as assumed interest in health and fitness.

Program Pillars

Health-Promoting health through physical movement.

Wellness- Encouraging wellness through healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

Balance-Providing balance through group and individual  support.


Research studies related to wellness indicate that those who take good care of themselves and make healthy lifestyle choices are healthier, happier, more productive, miss less work, and have lower healthcare costs. 


Program Duration: January to March

Methodology: Using media/communications tools, we plan to attract registrants to sign up for the program. Sign-up fee will be $20.00 to encourage commitment to the program and the feeling of being a participant in a worthy community initiative. Registrants will be provided with paraphernalia, be able to attend live sessions and have a chance to win prizes. 

Registered participants will benefit from guided workout videos, virtual and in person group activities, challenge objectives and nutritional guidelines. As an incentive to further foster commitment, participants will receive program branded paraphernalia and have an opportunity to win prizes by participating in weekly live workout sessions. To keep the community engaged, an aggressive marketing strategy will be employed, keeping the program visible to the public throughout and beyond the twelve weeks of participation.
Partnership with the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Board is crucial to the success of this program as health and fitness are inextricably linked. The Commission will rely on the assistance of the Ministry of Health to provide consultants as well as resources for participants, as it relates to nutrition and dietary expertise. contribution to the funding of campaign would also be vital to its success.

Weekly Example


  • Exercise Video Released

  • Meal plan released Meal Prep video released

  • Physical Challenge released

  • Super Foods and Dirty 30 Challenge

  • One in-person group fitness session

  • Health and Fitness Talk


Let's Move Turks and Caicos website is designed to give you general exercise advice written by professionals in exercise and sports science. The information provided on this website is general information and is current at the time of publication. It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, or for therapeutic purposes.

This website may contain information, views and recommendations of third parties. LMTCI has not checked the accuracy and does not represent, warrant or endorse the accuracy of such information, views and recommendations. LMTCI does not guarantee and accepts no legal liability arising from or connected to the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of, and any reliance on and interpretation of, any information or materials contained on this website or any linked sites.

We recommend contacting your local accredited exercise professional for appropriate independent professional advice specific to your circumstances prior to relying on or entering into any commitment based on the material published on this website.

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